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The Art of Filmmaking

Teacher: Brady Bouren, Kevin Bouren
Prerequisites: none
Ages: 14 and up
Class size: 4-25
Materials fee: $65 (one-time fee) Helps cover the cost of film equipment and supplies
for production days.
Tuition: $40
Supplies needed: Access to a Camera (any smartphone camera works great). Access
to a computer/device for writing and potentially video editing (This one can be worked
around if nothing is available).

COURSE DETAILS: Jesus is the greatest Storyteller, and He has equipped us to tell
stories as well. We will begin this course with an overview of the basics of filmmaking,
why creating art is important, and how our faith is central to ensuring our art/film glorifies
God. Then we will focus in on storytelling, and the more technical details of filmmaking
(camera, lighting, editing, etc.), and how to use them to tell a story.
We will do our best to tailor the class to the students’ interests and create a hands-on
learning experience through various film projects. This class will be an excellent
opportunity for students of all skill levels, from beginners to more experienced
filmmakers. For those students who took Introduction to Filmmaking last year, it’s a
great next step in your filmmaking journey.

HOMEWORK: Some weeks may not have any homework, and others will have up to 4-
5 hours. This includes group projects, occasionally watching films, filming, editing, and
We may also do a mini production of a short film as a class, and if this happens, it would
likely take place outside of regular classes.

SUGGESTED HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT: 1 High School Credit as an elective.

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