Teacher:  Kitsy Whalen

Prerequisites:  None

Ages: 4-6

Class size:  5 -10

Materials Fees:  $20

Tuition:  $25

Supplies Needed:  Jumbo Crayons, t-shirt to cover clothes during activities.  Both should be labeled with the student’s name.  I will bring them to class each week and return them at the end of the school year. 

Homework:   None


Welcome to Master’s Hand Early Learning classes!  The 4–6-year-old students will be in the same room all day and can leave coats, backpacks and lunch boxes in the room. To provide continuity, each teacher will focus on the same memory verse each week.  Different strategies will be used in each class to make memorizing fun!  We will memorize 26 verses over the course of the year  Teachers will provide bathroom breaks, but we ask that all students be completely independent in the restroom.  There will be a short snack break at 10 am.  Each week, please send raisins, nuts, small crackers, or other easy, quick tidbits along with a water bottle. 

COURSE DETAILS Students will explore God and His creation through daily circle time, number learning, and hands-on, Bible-based science lessons.  Circle time will include Scripture memory,    

days of the week, months, weather, and seasons.  Students will learn numbers using a variety of techniques.  Science activities will include:  making a rainbow, writing with invisible ink, observing candy diffusion, making an ocean in a bottle, sorting objects with a magnet, making a pine-cone bird feeder, milk painting, and making and testing a catapult.