Teacher: Jessica. Bobbs

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of computers and/or tablets

Ages: 13+

Class size: 8 – 12

Materials fee: $20 + cost of animation app (includes copies, container for transporting builds, and any extra creation supplies we may need for this class)

Tuition: $35

Supplies Needed: Personal laptops/tablets, Stop Motion Studio Pro app by Cateater, LLC (Available for iPhone, iPad, macOS, Android and Windows - this is $4.99 for tablets and $9.99 for laptops), pens/pencils

Homework: Will be bringing their materials/builds every week, but occasionally may be something that wasn’t finished during class time


COURSE DETAILS: This is a class your budding movie makers/animators will not want to miss out on! In this class, we will be using LEGOs to build stories and their characters, take pictures of them in stop motion style, then bring them “to life” using the Stop Motion Pro app.


A Sample of the projects included:

* Review of basic writing skills through the use of storyboards

* Fables

* Bible stories

* Fantasy

* Mystery

* Realistic/historic fiction

* And more!


PLEASE NOTE: Students will need to have Stop Motion Studio Pro app by Cateater, LLC downloaded onto their device prior to the first class, and will be responsible for transporting their builds back and forth on a weekly basis once movie creation has begun on each separate project.