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Teacher: Linette Ballew, Coach B

Prerequisites: Must be able to read and write

Ages: 7-9

Class size: 5 -12

Materials fee: $30 each semester for copying worksheets, and in class materials.

Tuition: $30

Supplies Needed: 2” 3-ring binder with folder and notebook paper, pencil, coloring pencils, glue stick, scissors.


COURSE DETAILS: Students will journey from Spain to a new world, back and forth through imaginary time travel. They will study the great heroes that built our nation via engaging weekly videos, a variety of correlating worksheets filled with quizzes, multiple choice, discussion questions, crossword puzzles and much more. This class is designed to give a working knowledge of the contributions of our founding fathers and mothers, how our government was established and operates, gives an overview of great wars, introduces inventions and presents the culture of the time period being studied. All videos are in the cartoon genre and are at elementary level. No violent live action.

HOMEWORK: 30 mins - 1 hour weekly

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