Teacher:  Kitsy Whalen

Prerequisites:  None

Ages:  6 - 8

Class Size:  4 - 12

Materials Fee: $30.00 -  includes all copies and supplies needed for in-class experiments and activities

Tuition:  $25

Supplies Needed:  Pen/pencils, colored pencils,  3-hole folder to make a science notebook.  Occasionally students may be asked to bring trash/recyclable items from home.

Homework:  None


COURSE DETAILS This course will explore major concepts in Life Science through various media - instruction, hands-on  activities and experiments,  videos, and worksheets. Each student will compile a science notebook of the topics explored.   Sample topics will include:  living/non-living organisms, classification of organisms, habitats, soil types, the plant and animal kingdoms,  plant and animal survival needs, basic life cycles, simple food chains, simple body systems, and the 5 senses,  Sample activities will include: Exploring types of soils, seed sprouting,  watching the effect of the lack of water and sunlight on plants, making a model plant and labeling its parts, dissecting flowers, making a leaf collage, “classifying” organisms, watching the process of digestion using a foam peanut and fish oil,  experimenting with the effect of exercise on breathing and pulse rate, and experimenting with the effect of smell on taste. (All food allergies will be taken into consideration.)