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Teacher: Jessica Bobbs

Prerequisites: None

Ages: 9 - 12

Class size: 8 - 15

Materials fee: $40 (one-time fee) includes all copies and supplies needed for in-class activities.

Tuition: $35 

Supplies Needed: writing utensils and a shoebox lid.


COURSE DETAILS: For this course, you all will become criminal investigators! We will learn how to identify different types of fingerprints, how to dust and lift them, we’ll identify different types of tire tracks, as well as shoe prints. Your students will also analyze bullet holes made in glass to discover which hole was made 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, they will identify and describe different types of hair, different types of fiber, and look at how blood is analyzed on different surfaces (no need to worry – no real blood will be used). If there is time, we will tie the year up with analyzing a “crime scene” using what they have learned over the course of our year together.


SPECIAL NOTE: There will be no gore or graphic images, no actual crime scene pics, etc. used in this class. It is intro only, and will be taught in a general sense – e.g. we will not be looking at/discussing actual cases. It’s meant only as an introduction to this specific field of science. It would be a great course for any students interested in a career in law enforcement.


HOMEWORK: Students may be required to bring in materials from home for a couple of the activities and may be tasked to work on worksheets if not finished during class.

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