Teacher: Elijah Robertson 

Prerequisites: None 

Ages: 13+

Class size: 10-22 students

Materials fee: None

Tuition: $35

Supplies needed: A Bible, notebook and pens, or device for creating their course textbook

Homework: Expect homework every week. For your convenience, we will use Google classroom for communication and assignments. As parents you will be able to monitor Google classroom and be up to date on weekly content and assignments.


COURSE DETAILS: It is more important than ever that our children know and love God’s Word. When this Bible class is complete the students will be able to: (1) Define what the Bible is, (2) its purpose, and (3) how all the Bible’s content works together to build and complete that purpose. (4) They will also be able to identify the Bible’s major narrative points and how all the Bible narrative reveals God’s promise, work, and completion of Redemption. (5) Along the way the students will be introduced to the foundational truth the Bible reveals about who God is and who we are.  


SUGGESTED HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT:  This Bible class can be recorded as an elective: “The Bible as Literature”. I will leave up to you as a parent to decide what credit to give your child. If your student averages five hours of work per week on this class for a full school year, then it can be counted as a 1 credit hour course. If your student averages two and a half hours per week on this class, then it can be counted as a ½ credit hour course.