Teacher: Robin O'Hara

Prerequisites: Must have some experience typing and using a computer

Ages: 13+

Class size: 6-16

Materials fee: $10.00 (for miscellaneous class expenses)

Tuition: $35

Supplies Needed: Ideally a laptop so that practice coding can be done in class.  If unable to bring a laptop to class, it will be necessary to do the in-class work at home.  Also required are a 3-ring binder, paper, and pencil for taking notes and working out problems/coding during class.

Homework:  Weekly homework will be given to challenge students to utilize knowledge gained in class to write their own code to accomplish assigned tasks.  Not all of the assignments will require results to be brought in the next week, but many will.  Participation in this class is required, both in class and in doing the at-home assignments; the best way to learn programming is by doing it!



COURSE DETAILS: When you download a new app on your phone or play a fun video game, you are benefiting from a computer program.  When you type up an email to a friend or ask Alexa to play your favorite song, you are benefiting from a computer program.  When you use Google to find out who won the Super Bowl eight years ago or use the self checkout at King Soopers, you are benefiting from a computer program.  YouTube, PayPal, NASA, and businesses everywhere utilize computer programming to function daily.  Computer code is essential in this technologically advanced world we are living in today. 


In this class, we will learn how to write computer code using the Python programming language.  Many programming languages exist out there, but Python coding is easier to understand and code.  It's also free!  Through lectures, demonstrations and interactive coding exercises, students will gain a better understanding of computer programming, where and how it's used, and be capable of writing and running simple programs on their own. 


Computer programming is like working a puzzle.  Successfully running a program and getting your desired output feels like putting in that last puzzle piece.  I hope this class proves not only fun but also inspires a new generation of programmers!