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Teacher: Naomi Stahnke

Prerequisites: None

Ages: 4-6

Class Size: 5-10

Materials Fee: $35 (one-time fee) includes all supplies for projects and activities throughout the year.

Tuition: $30.00

Supplies Needed: An old shirt or apron to put over clothes during any messy projects.

Homework: None


COURSE DETAILS In Exploring and Experimenting, students will work on various science and engineering challenges as they investigate the everyday world! Each activity will give students a chance to use their curiosity and creativity to predict outcomes, solve problems, and figure out how things work. We will also have lots of fun playing games as we learn 26 scripture verses throughout the year! Possible lessons will include:


- Make your own Seismograph (What are earthquakes and how do we measure them?)

- Painting with nature (What natural items make the best paint and why?)

- Build a Balloon Car (Can you build a car that runs on nothing but air?)

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