Teacher: Naomi Stahnke

Prerequisites: None

Ages: 4-6

Class Size: 5-10

Materials Fee: $25 (includes all supplies for projects and activities throughout the year)

Tuition: $25.00

Supplies Needed: None

Homework: None


Welcome to Master’s Hand Early Learning classes! The 4–6-year-old students will be in the same room all day and can leave coats, backpacks and lunch boxes in the room. To provide continuity, each teacher will focus on the same memory verse each week. Different strategies will be used in each class to make memorizing fun! We will memorize 26 verses over the course of the year. Teachers will provide bathroom breaks, but we ask that all students be completely independent in the restroom. There will be a short snack break at 10 am. Each week, please send raisins, nuts, small crackers, or other easy, quick tidbits along with a water bottle.

COURSE DETAILS In Discovery Lab, students will explore a new challenge each week to help them practice hands-on problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration, all while coinciding with the alphabet letter of the week! Each activity will give students a chance to use their curiosity and creativity to practice engineering and math skills. We will also have lots of fun playing games and doing activities to learn 26 scripture verses throughout the year! Lessons will include:

- A is for Arches: Can you design and build an arch that is tall and wide enough for various objects to stand beneath?

- B is for Bridge: How long can you build a bridge while making it strong and stable?

- C is for Cups: How tall of a tower can you build with plastic cups?