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Teacher: Julie Magalong

Prerequisites: None

Ages: 7-10

Class size: 10-20

Materials fee: $30 (one-time fee) Covers the cost of purchasing PE equipment.

Tuition: $30

Homework: None

Supplies Needed: T-shirt, sports pants or long shorts, and tennis shoes. No tights, yoga pants or low v-neck tee shirts. No sandals, boots, or black marking shoes.


COURSE DETAILS: Staying active and fit is important in taking care of the body that God has given to us. In this class students will challenge themselves to achieve fitness and activity goals weekly and strive to better their strength and endurance. We will incorporate personal activity goals and active games to make fitness fun and learning healthy habits. Workout challenge stations, drills, obstacles, relays, Tabata, and flexibility/stretching exercises will all be utilized. Students will enjoy this class which allows them to compete against their own best personal records and work toward self-improvement.

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