Teacher: Jessica. Bobbs

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of computers and/or tablets

Ages: 9 – 12

Class size: 8 – 12

Materials fee: $30 (includes copies, and prop supplies we will need for this class)

Tuition: $30

Supplies Needed: Personal laptops/tablets (limited supply will be available through teacher upon request), pens/pencils, coloring utensils, and they are also most welcome to bring in any props that they’d like to use in creating in addition to what will be provided. Teacher will provide Gmail account for Google Slides and photo storage use that will be dedicated to this class alone.

Homework: Occasionally may be something that wasn’t finished during class time.


COURSE DETAILS: This class may sound like a writing class, but it is not your typical writing class! This class encourages an open-ended, creative type of writing, where not every word is written down, but is told more through the pictures, and the comic book style dialogue and feel. We will be physically creating our stories using provided, and/or from home props, to create the three separate stages of story – beginning, middle, and end. Students will be given a type of story they will need to create (i.e. I Spy, fable, Bible story, etc.), brainstorm by filling in a storyboard, create the scenes of their story using props, take pictures of the scenes, then bring their stories “to life” using Google Slides.


A Sample of the projects included:

* Basic writing skills using storyboards

* I Spy

* Bible stories

* Re-make of a known story

* Comic

* And more!