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Teacher:   Kitsy Whalen

Prerequisites:  None

Ages:  6-8

Class size:  10 - 12

Materials fee:  $25 (one-time fee) to cover paper, ink, laminating supplies, and manipulatives.

Tuition:  $30.00 per month

Supplies needed:  Pencils, crayons, 2-pocket folder to keep letters and phonics ladders and blends in so they can be practiced at home during the week.


COURSE DETAILS: Students will be taught pre-reading phonics skills in progressive order - letter sounds, consonant/vowel blends, consonant blends, and consonant blend/vowel blends.  Students will also be taught how to add ending consonants and consonant blends to make complete words.  This will be done through various tools such as reading ladders, flashcards, games, manipulatives, and worksheets. Tools will be gradually added to the student folders and parents will be encouraged to practice new skills with their children weekly.

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