Teacher:  Heather Barrieau

Prerequisites: None- *algebra is helpful but not required

Ages: 13 and up

Class size: 10 -15

Materials fee: $20 This will include print outs, tests, microscope and slide use, consumable lab materials.

Tuition: $40 (Class will be extended to 2:45pm)

Supplies Needed: Textbook (Science Shepherd Biology Dr. Scott Hardin ©Ohana Life Press; 2nd edition or 3rd edition ISBN-13: 978-0982856840 ISBN-13: 9780991636914)

Labkit: $56, Found online https://www.homesciencetools.com/product/my-fun-science-biology-custom-lab-kit/ 
Homework:  Required outside of class reading, assignments and lab time.  30 min-1hr/day

Suggested High School Credit:: 1 High School Credit with Lab


COURSE DETAILS: Are you curious about eye color or the hair on your knuckles? We will learn about genetics! Are you curious about Anthrax or Ebola? We will discuss bacteria and viruses! Are you curious about life? We will understand cells – and what makes them tick! Are you curious about fall colors? We will explore photosynthesis! This course is intended for high school level students covering topics on life and biology including: Cells, taxonomy, scientific method, chemistry of biology, genetics, embryology, bacteria, viruses, creation vs. evolution, biosphere, photosynthesis, invertebrates, vertebrates, plants, ecology, etc. Students will learn and submit formal lab reports as assignments on labs chosen by the teacher. Labs will be graded. Students will perform labs at home, in class, or with teacher direction as well as virtually – students will have required lab reports on these labs also. Importance will be placed on students’ understanding of scientific inquiry, the scientific method, and the resulting science lab reports.