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WriteShop II

Teacher: Naomi Stahnke

Ages: 13+

Prerequisite: WriteShop I is recommended first, but not required.

Class Size: 4-10

Materials Fee: $15 (one-time fee) includes copies of handouts, charts, and topic lists.

Tuition: $40.00

Supplies Needed: For class use: “WriteShop 2 Student Workbook” (available on or demme learning), Large binder, set of 12 colored pencils, loose-leaf notebook paper (no spiral-bound notebooks, please), pencils For home use: Computer with word processing software, printer, thesaurus (recommended: The Synonym Finder by J.I. Rodale)


COURSE DETAILS: WriteShop II is a fun, incremental writing program perfect for students in 8th to 12th grades. The curriculum covers advanced descriptive narration, narrative voice, point of view, and essay writing, giving students vital skills they will need to succeed in college and beyond! Types of essays students will write include persuasive, opinion, and expository, with a special unit for timed essays at the end of the year. Picking up where WriteShop I left off, students will start with one to two paragraph pieces, working their way up to five paragraph essays.  The class will emphasize strong word choice, correct grammar, and sentence variation.


The curriculum is a consumable workbook that includes lessons, worksheets for brainstorming and editing, and activities to reinforce concepts. Also included are word lists to help students choose strong words and expand their vocabulary.


NOTE: As WriteShop II builds on concepts learned in Writeshop I, it is highly recommended that students have already taken WriteShop I. However, if a student is willing to put in the extra work, it is possible to catch up and still do well in the class.


HOMEWORK: One to two hours a week either writing or editing. Assignments must be completed for full credit. Parental help with editing may be helpful, especially for younger students.


Suggested High School Credit: If all work is completed, the class is worth 1 English credit.

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