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Teacher: Julie Magalong

Prerequisites: None

Ages: 6-12

Class size: 10-30

Materials fee: $50 (one-time fee) Choral Book, CDs, Official “Levite Genes” tee shirt, Props/Costumes

Tuition: $30

Supplies Needed: Pencils with eraser.


COURSE DETAILS: Vocal Studio Junior will encourage children to learn to sing correctly, develop their ear, learn harmonies, and grow their vocal gifts and talents for the Lord. We will be learning the musical, ‘Levite Genes’ by Kathie Hill! 


We are going to try this creative lesson in church music history on for size! ‘Levite Genes’ is a fun musical that will not only lead children to an understanding of the privilege involved in leading worship and praise but will also explain the need for a personal desire to worship our Lord.


Students will also learn rhythmical movement, simple choreography, and some basic drama skills for their performances. Prepare to have fun and make a joyful noise unto the Lord! Students will each receive a ‘Levite Genes’ t-shirt to wear for all performances.


HOMEWORK: Listening to their cd at home is needed and practicing and memorizing songs and movements.

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