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Teacher: Julie Magalong

Ages: 13+

Class size: Minimum of 6

Materials fee: $25 (one-time fee) covers music, downloads/CDs and copies.

Tuition: $40

Prerequisites: Must be able to match pitch, enjoy singing and working in a group

Homework: Practicing their songs weekly – see important note below

Supplies Needed: Folder with pockets to hold music copies, pencil.


COURSE DETAILS: This course is intended to be a fun vocal technique workshop class!  I will use various techniques from my many years of vocal training to improve range, pitch, tone and breath control. I will create a fun, safe and comfortable environment to allow students to build confidence as they work through songs that will best suit their voices. We will workshop several songs by popular Christian artists, and students will learn how to listen to each other, and blend and build harmonies, as they grow their vocal gifts for the Lord. Students will have individual instruction on solos that we choose together and receive constructive and helpful feedback. Depending on the ability of the group, we may also learn some acapella and gospel selections as well.  While this isn’t necessarily a performance class, my hope is that students can perform a few times over the year depending on their ability.


HOMEWORK:  Song memorization throughout the year, and vocal practice at home. Students will write an essay paper at the end of the year. This paper will describe the impact that one or more of their favorite songs they learned in class had on them musically and spiritually and how they grew as a vocalist.

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