Teacher: Naomi Stahnke

Prerequisites: None

Ages: 9-11

Class size: 4-12

Materials fee: $50 (Includes consumable workbook with copies of handouts and activities)

Tuition: $30

Supplies Needed: Three-Ring binder, loose-leaf notebook paper (no spiral-bound, please), 10 tabbed file folders (either manila or colored), pencils, colored pencils

For home use: Access to a computer with word-processing software and printer

Homework: Roughly one hour a week writing or doing pre-writing activities. Younger students may require help from parents.


COURSE DETAILS: Looking for a class that will put the fun back in writing? Then you’ll love WriteShop Junior! This creative writing program appeals to many learning styles, using exciting games and activities to guide students through each step of the writing process. Whether you have a more advanced student or one who is fairly new to writing, the curriculum is flexible so children can work at their own level.

Students will learn to write and publish fiction, nonfiction, poems, and short reports with lessons topics such as Fables, Science Fiction, and Book Reports. Lessons break the writing process into manageable chunks that are easy to understand and master, using a variety of pre-writing games, graphic organizers, and kid-approved self-editing tools. Students will also grow in their brainstorming and planning skills, gain confidence in writing creatively, and learn new ways to edit and revise their stories and reports.

NOTE: If your student has had little to no past writing experience—or is not quite ready for 5-paragraph writing—I suggest waiting a year or two to take the class, especially if they have weak punctuation or grammar skills and still need a lot of help planning, organizing, and adding details to a story.