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Confident Public Speaking

Teacher: Naomi Stahnke
Ages: 13-18
Class size: 5-12
Materials Fee: $10 (includes lots of handouts and classroom supplies such as
notecards, props for impromptus, etc.)
Tuition: $40
Supplies: Binder with looseleaf notebook paper (no spiral bound, please), pencils,
highlighters, and white, lined 3x5 index cards. For home use: Access to internet or
books for research purposes, access to device with presentation software such as
PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides (preferred method), printer.


COURSE DETAILS: Whether your student is already a confident speaker or a beginner
ready to learn the basics, this class has a lot to offer! Confident Public Speaking will
take students step by step through all the skills they need to be comfortable and
dynamic on the stage, including eye contact, gestures, body language, researching and
outlining. We will start the year with several fun, un-graded speeches and impromptu
assignments and work our way to longer, more research-heavy speeches. At the end of
the year, the class will work together to pick some of their favorite speeches they've
created to deliver to a parent audience.

Students will be given two weeks to prepare for most speeches. They will choose a
topic, research, and outline the first week and then practice their delivery the second.
Students will get positive feedback and tips on improvement speeches by a grading
rubric from the teacher and oral peer review.

HOMEWORK: Two to three hours a week researching, outlining, and practicing
speeches to be delivered to the class. The more time and effort outside of class a
student puts in, the more successful they'll be! Assignments must be completed for full

NOTE: I encourage students to use Google Docs as a simple way to communicate with
me and with other students on group projects. A computer or tablet with a gmail account
and parental consent are necessary. However, it's not a problem if the student chooses
to use paper and pen :)

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