Student Safety

It is critical that we have students in a supervised setting at all times. The safety of your child/ren is of utmost importance to us.

  1. If your child/ren have an hour without a scheduled class, you must be with them. Please check the schedule for designated study hall room/s. Parents using the study hall at the same times are welcome to work out a rotation schedule. Staff members are not to be asked to supervise children that are not enrolled in their class.

  2. Students waiting to be picked up must wait inside the church. Students are not allowed to leave the campus during their school day. If it is necessary to do so, parents must notify the teacher and Kathy Anderson by text, or email.  If students choose to disregard this rule, they will be asked to discontinue the program.

  3. It is important for students to sign in when they arrive for classes (parents need to sign in for students under 8 years of age). Signing out is only necessary if a student leaves early. The sign-in sheet is located at the entrance of the church.

  4. Teachers will explain emergency evacuation procedures during the first few weeks of class.


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