School Supplies

Please have students bring a backpack or book bag, labeled with their name, to every class. All other materials will be provided unless otherwise noted in the course description.

Tuition Payments

Full tuition payments are made each month Sept.-April.  To compensate for months with vacation days, there is no tuition due in May.  

Payments are made directly to the teacher and are due the first week of each month.  Payments may be placed in each teacher's file folder as you enter the church.

The first tuition payment (along with materials fees) is due the first day of class or at the open house (see calendar for date).  Tuition statements are available upon request.


For most classes, elementary and middle school tuition is $22 per month for each course taken. Tuition is $27.00 per month for high school level courses (slightly higher tuition for high school science courses).  Course descriptions list monthly tuition for each class.


Payments may be made by check, cash, or money order.  When paying cash, please place payment in an envelope with your name on it so the teacher can accurately record your payment.


An annual registration fee of $75.00 per family is due with your completed registration forms. This fee is NONREFUNDABLE. These fees are vital to our non-profit ministry. They provide funds for our liability insurance and other operating costs.


Course descriptions list materials fees. Please pay these fees directly to the teachers with the first month’s tuition or at the open house.

Tuition Reimbursement

If a student is withdrawn from a class prior to the end of a month, there will be no tuition reimbursement for that month. If your child does not attend class for an entire month but you want his/her class slot held for future attendance, you must pay tuition for every month. Tuition is not prorated due to student illness, vacation, or family outings.


Changing Your Schedule

There is sometimes a need to withdraw your child from a class. If you feel this is necessary, please speak with the teacher regarding the reason.

If you withdraw from the class, we must receive written notice (to the teacher and Kathy Anderson). Tuition is expected until written notice has been received. E-mails are acceptable. Adding classes after the beginning of the school year may be done with permission from the teacher. Please notify the teacher AND Kathy Anderson in writing if classes are added.


*A Special Note of Thanks

All classes run for a full academic year. The teaching staff is sincerely grateful to those families who fulfill the year-long commitment to the classes their children attend. It is very difficult for teachers and classmates when students discontinue a class (we really miss them!).

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