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Course Descriptions
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Art: Cause & Effect

Teacher: Kathy Anderson

Prerequisites: none

Ages: 8-18

Class size: 6-14

Materials fee: $30 for a set of watercolors and oil pastels (theirs to keep at the end of the year) and various art materials

Tuition: $22 


Supplies Needed: a paint shirt or apron kept in their backpack to use as needed (optional)


COURSE DETAILS:  This year will be an adventure in exploring unique art materials and techniques! Many of them have fun, unexpected cause & effect properties!  We will discover that dropping alcohol inks of different colors on ceramic tile results in a beautiful ring pattern.  Drawing on sand paper with crayons or pastels creates beautiful, deep texture designs. Applying bleach to paper with a cotton swab gives a soft, fuzzy quality.  Shaving cream prevents liquid watercolors from mixing and allows beautiful printmaking. Optical illusions cause the brain to perceive something that is not reality. Materials will also include watercolor crystals, metallic paper, ‘bleeding’ tissue paper, markers, pencils, white charcoal, Duralar, and pan watercolors. Students will increase confidence and skill as we focus on drawing accurately, shading, color theory and creating depth when drawing.  Planned projects include:


  • Umbrellas in Pattern – bleach on paper

  • ‘Stained glass’ Duo – alcohol ink on Duralar

  • Winter Wonderland – crayon/pastel on black sandpaper

  • Arora Borealis forest – shaving cream print

  • Optical illusion stairs – ebony black pencil


A projection camera is used to demonstrate most drawings step by step. Students may choose to follow along or create their own unique variation of the project.  


In addition to fun and skill building, my goal is to use art as a creative avenue for conveying the truths of scripture. As our creative talents are focused on the cause and effect of art materials, our hearts will turn to the cause and effect passages in scripture.  We will visit great truths such as:


·     “IF My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; THEN will I hear from Heaven and heal their Land.” 2 Chron. 7:14

·     “When ye stand praying, forgive, IF ye have anything against anyone, so that your Father also, which is in Heaven (THEN) may forgive you your trespasses. But IF you do not forgive others, (THEN) neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.” Mark 11:25-26

·     If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9


There will be an art show the first week in May. Each student will display 2 pieces of artwork done in class. On the day of the show, during class, we will learn to give positive feedback focusing on the elements of design. Encouraging comments will be collected for each student’s work and will be taken home at the end of the day. It’s a fun way to encourage each budding artist!  


This class is suited for beginning artists as well as those with intermediate level drawing ability.  Everyone is welcome!


HOMEWORK:  There will be no outside homework except for those earning high school credits. 60 clock hours are required for .5 credits.  


Teacher: Tatum Cito

Prerequisites: Students should have basic drawing skills as this class is best suited for intermediate/advanced students

Ages: 10+

Class size: 6-16

Materials fee: $30.00 (Includes all supplies)

Tuition: $22.00 per month for all students (no increase for high school students)

Supplies needed: None. If desired, an apron or paint shirt to keep clothing clean


COURSE DETAILS: The world of Narnia is a mysterious place, full of perilous adventure, timeless heroes, and many glorious Biblical truths. Referencing from the book written by Christin Ditchfield, A Family Guide to Narnia, Biblical Truths in C.S.Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia,we will be diving into the depths of these beautiful masterpieces by C.S.Lewis. Using our own ingenuity, we will be creating personal masterpieces along with discovering the hidden truths within the author’s very words. In this course, I will be using an assortment of media, primarily watercolor paint/pencil, graphite pencil, colored pencil, pen, scratchboard, chalk pastel and charcoal. 

            At the open houses offered in May and September, I will be providing the tentative schedule for this course. 


PROJECTS are tentative, and might involve:

-       Watercolor lamp post scene

-       Dragon drawing in pencil

-       Illustrated map

-       and various character concept drawings


HOMEWORK:  I do encourage the students to read the Chronicles of Narnia and the Bible on their own at home. Otherwise there will be no outside homework for this class except for those earning high school credit. 60 clock hours are required for .5 credits. Upon your initial request at the beginning of the year, I will send assignments home with the students each week.



Teacher: Tatum Cito

Prerequisites:  students need to be able to cut with scissors independently and copy basic shapes and lines

Ages: 5-8

Class size: 6-14

Materials fee: $25 (Includes all supplies)

Tuition: $22

Supplies Needed: a paint shirt or apron kept in their backpack to use as needed (optional)


COURSEDETAILS: The world of Narnia is a mysterious place, full of perilous adventure, timeless heroes, and many glorious Biblical truths. Referencing from the book written by Christin Ditchfield, A Family Guide to Narnia, Biblical Truths in C.S.Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia,we will be diving into the depths of these beautiful masterpieces by C.S.Lewis. Using our own ingenuity, we will be creating personal masterpieces along with discovering the hidden truths within the author’s very words. In this course, I will be using an assortment of media, such as watercolor paint, markers, graphite pencils, and colored pencils.

            The difference between this class and the other older class are the simplified  methods. At the open houses offered in May and September, I will be providing schedule for this course. 


PROJECTS are tentative, and might involve:

-       Lion masks

-       mixed-media crowns

-       Watercolor lamp post scene

-       Colored pencil pegasus

-       Dragons in marker




Astronomy Junior

Teacher: Kristi Schroeder

Prerequisites: none

Ages: 5-8

Class size: 2-12

Materials fee: $20 for experiment supplies

Tuition: $22

Supplies Needed: none


COURSE DETAILS: We will be exploring outer space by creating a solar system and doing experiments or crafts every week to help our young learners understand what we know about each part of our solar system: planets, stars (including the sun), meteors and comets.  Some of these interactive activities include revolution/rotation games, volcanoes, blind depth location (they will need to guess what is in a covered box by using s stick with markings), melting chocolate with a magnifying glass and rocket propulsion (Alka-Seltzer or Mentos and Diet Coke). Main text will be Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy.



Heroic Life

Teacher: Christian and Kathy Anderson

Prerequisites:  a desire to grow in a relationship with Christ 

Ages: 9-12

Class size: 6-14

Materials fee:  $20 for workbook and personal journal

Tuition: $22 

Supplies Needed: none


COURSE DETAILS:  Christian and Kathy are excited to teach this class together!  They feel strongly that it will support your diligent efforts at home to disciple your children to be mature believers that will impact this world for Jesus Christ.  


Heroic Life is more than a ‘Bible class’ Through study of scripture and active discussions that focus on inductive reasoning, students will be encouraged to see truths they may have never noticed and apply the Word to their daily lives. All truths will be found in the text of scripture rather than opinions of people. Students will be asked to wrestle with questions that will determine the foundation of their faith.  

  • Are you living like God’s Word is enough to show you how to live?  

  • Are you loving Jesus and seeking to obey Him in every area of your life?  

  • Will you trust God even when things are hard?  

  • Will you trust God to give you what is best?


We will also dive into the lives of 6 Christian Heroes/Heroines and look at their trials and triumphs in the Lord. Learning about, and praying for, those in other countries is another component of our study.  We will explore England, Belarus, Russia, China, Mongolia, and North Korea. The class will include sampling food and playing games from these countries. Students will also be asked to memorize scripture and will be awarded $.25 for each verse memorized.  The money will be kept in a class fund and at the end of the year the class will decide how to bless a family in another country (a dozen chickens, a milk goat, clean water…)  


First semester lays the foundation.  Students will discover the wonders of who God is and the incredible treasure of His Word. They will encounter God as the righteous and holy Lord, yet the merciful and humble Shepherd and will hear of the One who is Truth and has given His Word to us as a guide and authority for our lives. 


Semester two highlights stories from the first 33 chapters of Genesis. Through these lessons, students will take away an understanding of man’s nature and the nature of God and His purpose for man. They will see that, because God is our source of life, when man chose to sin and separate himself from God, he separated himself from Life. However, instead of allowing man to remain in sin and death, God pursued a people to set apart for Himself and restore to a life of freedom. As we follow Christ and seek Him above all else, we can live in that freedom and experience the fullness of the joy that He so delights to give.


HOMEWORK:Heroes at Home student workbooks. Each lesson in the curriculum has corresponding summaries, activities, and a guided Scripture study to use throughout the week. They may be completed by children on their own or enjoyed together as a family. 




Teacher: Elizabeth Ridgway

Prerequisites: none

Ages: 5-8

Class size: 5-10

Materials fee: $15 for copies, activities and projects

Tuition: $22 per month

Supplies Needed: none


COURSE DETAILS:Come along as we wonder through the Amazon Rainforest and climb the Egyptian Pyramids!  Expedition Earthis a hands-on world geography curriculum that covers countries across the globe.  We will be learning about the continents, oceans, people, cultures, and animals through activities, crafts and literature.  We will also be including projects from the curriculums Galloping the Globeand Beginning Geography.






Teacher: Elizabeth Ridgway

Prerequisites: none

Ages: 9-12

Class size: 5-10

Materials fee: $10 for drawing paper, projects, and supplies etc.

Tuition: $22 per month

Supplies Needed:  1 ½ inch binder


COURSE DETAILS:  “Mapping the World with Art” by Ellen McHenry is a blend of history, geography and art. Each week we will read a short history lesson that tells the story of cartography from Ancient Mesopotamia through the discovery of Antarctica in the late 1800’s.  We will follow a step-by-step drawing lesson covering a piece of the world map.  We will also complete different activities, projects and review games during class. The final project will be drawing a map of the world from memory.


HOMEWORK:   Occasional




Teacher: Elizabeth Ridgway

Prerequisites: none

Ages: 13+

Class size: 5-12

Materials fee: $10 for copies and projects

Tuition: $27 per month

Supplies Needed: North Star World Geographytextbook by Tyler Hogen and a 1 ½ inch binder with 8 tabs

Book can be found at (Amazon, Christianbook, or Rainbow Resource approx..$52) 


COURSE DETAILS: Geography is more than just places and names on a map.  Geography helps us understand the world around us.  North Star Geographygives students a deep understanding of how geography impacts us every day with real life applications for college, career, citizenship and ministry.  This curriculum is written from a Christian perspective.  North Star Geographycounts as one high school credit towards social studies or as an elective.   In this course, we will study each of these three topics:  Geography skills:reading maps, using geographic tools, and understanding topics like cartography, surveying and navigation.  Physical geography:  geology, meteorology, oceanography, ecology and hydrology.  Human geography:sociology, culture, transportation, agriculture, government and economics.  During class we will be discussing the chapter, doing hands-on projects, map work, memorization, and taking chapter quizzes.


HOMEWORK:  weekly assignments

Counts as one high school credit towards social studies or as an elective


Teacher: Elizabeth Ridgway

Prerequisites: none

Ages: see schedule for ages

Class size: 5-10

Materials fee: none

Tuition: $22 per month

Supplies Needed: none


COURSE DETAILS: Bring your imagination and creativity! K’nex is an intuitive construction toy system. We will be discussing inventions and recreating them.  Some of the building projects may include cranes, egg beaters, tow trucks etc.   The students will work in small groups learning leadership, cooperation, and compromise. 




Teacher: Aaron and/or Eben Vogel

Age: Check schedule for age breaks.

Materials fee: $10.00 per student

Class size: 10-27

Class fee: $22.00 per month up to 12 years old. $27 per month for 13 years and older.


COURSE DETAILS:Who’s ready for P.E.? “Everyone in your spots!” Every child should be

building a foundation of an active, healthy life; one that glorifies God with the gift of their bodies.

All physical education classes are designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and

coordination through fun warm-up routines, games, and stretching. Then, each quarter two or

three organized games or sports will be taught.

Soccer, tinickling, kickball, volleyball, team handball, ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee golf, golf swing,

flag football, basketball, jump roping, circusing, beanbags, driveway games, orienteering,

badminton, cup stacking, and more are taught. Specific skills will be broken down and games

and fun drills will be played to put these skills into action.

One game or sport will be taught each quarter that is great for home play so that the student

can organize and participate at home with family or friends. Part of physically educating them is

teaching them about the amazing ways God has designed our bodies to perform physically.

Especially in the 13 and older class, topics of discussion might include muscle

physiology, training principles, body facts, safety, and recovery. As the students are having fun

being challenged, scriptural principles like perseverance, forgiveness, encouragement, self

control, running the race, working hard, God’s strength vs. our own, working as a unit, aiming

high, and many more principals will be taught. P.E. should be taught from a Biblical worldview

too! You do not get that from rec programs, Options, or the local fitness or gymnastics center.

Please consider that each unit is taught over three years with emphasis given to one phase.

Year One: basic skills. Year Two: team and individual strategy. Year Three: drills and play.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: T-shirt, sports pants or long shorts, and tennis shoes. No tights, yoga

pants or v-neck tee shirts. No sandals, boots or black marking shoes.


Confident Public Speaking

Teacher:Naomi Stahnke


Class size:6-10

Curriculum:Compiled by Carrie Matthews and Naomi Stahnke

Materials Fee:$30.00 (includes lots of handouts and classroom supplies such as notecards, props for impromptus, etc.)


Supplies:Binder with looseleaf notebook paper (no spiral bound, please), pencils, highlighters, and white, lined 3x5 index cards. For home use: Access to internet or books for research purposes, access to computer with presentation software such as PowerPoint or Google Slides (preferred method), printer.


COURSE DETAILS:Whether your student is already a confident speaker or a beginner ready to learn the basics, this class has a lot to offer! Confident Public Speaking will take students step by step through all the skills they need to be comfortable and dynamic on the stage, including eye contact, gestures, body language, research and outlining. We will start the year with several fun, un-graded speeches and impromptu assignments and work our way to longer, more research-heavy speeches. At the end of the year, the class will work together to pick some of their favorite speeches they've done to deliver to a parent audience.


Students will be given two weeks to prepare for most speeches. They will choose a topic, research, and outline the first week and then practice their delivery the second. Students will get positive feedback and tips on improvement for most speeches by a grading rubric from the teacher and oral peer review.


HOMEWORK:One to three hours a week researching, outlining, and practicing speeches to be delivered to the class. The more time and effort outside of class a student puts in, the more successful they'll be! Assignments must be completed for full credit. 


NOTE:I encourage students to use Google Docs as a simple way to communicate with me and with other students on group projects. A computer or tablet with a gmail account and parental consent are necessary. However, it's not a problem if the student chooses to use paper and pen :) 


General Theatre

Teacher: Julie Butler

Prerequisites: Must be willing to memorize their parts for our Spring Performance.

Ages: 8+

Class Size: 10-23 

Materials fee: $10 (to cover royalties and copies)

Tuition: $22

Supplies Needed: Three ring binder, pencil, highlighter


COURSE DETAILS: This class will begin with FUN theatre games which will help students feel more confident and build acting skills of memorization, characterization, improvisation and working well with others. In mid-fall the students will audition in class for our Spring performance piece.  Possible play choices we may do (depending on enrollment) are: Carry theCrossby Warren Sager, Gladys Aylwardby Warren Sager or Eyewitnesses: The Story of a Promise Keptby Carrie Varnell.  An alternate play will be chosen only if enrollment requires. Some doubling of roles may occur. Younger students may be approved by instructor.  Reading is not essential, though helpful. Older students who have enjoyed this class format in previous years are welcome to enroll.


HOMEWORK: Script memorization, and students and their parents are responsible for providing their own costumes, (with assistance from instructor).

IMPORTANT NOTE:The dates for the Dress Rehearsal and Spring Performance will be announced in the fall. These dates are mandatory and parents will be required to return a signed commitment form to Mrs. Butler prior to casting announcements.

The Vocal Studio
Teacher: Julie Butler

Prerequisites: Must be able to match pitch, enjoy singing and working in a group.

Ages: 13+

Class Size: Minimum of 8 (ideally half boys and half girls). 

Materials fee: $10 used to purchase accompaniment music, sheet music and copies.


Supplies Needed: Three ring notebook, pencil


COURSE DETAILS:   This course is intended to be a fun vocal performance class!  I will teach students how to sing in a small group and build vocal confidence.  I will use various techniques from my many years of vocal training to improve range, pitch, tone and breath control. We will develop your ear to hear and sing various parts of the chords.  We will workshop several songs by popular Christian artists, and you will learn how to listen to each other, and blend and build harmonies, as you grow your vocal gifts for the Lord. Depending on the ability of the group, we may also learn some acapella and gospel selections as well.  We will perform at the Master’s Hand Talent Show in November, and three to four more times at Master’s Hand.


HOMEWORK:Song memorization throughout the year and an essay paper at the end of the year. This paper will describe the impact that one or more of their favorite songs they learned in class had on them musically and spiritually.


Vocal Studio Junior

Teacher: Julie Butler

Ages: 5-12

Materials fee: $15.00 

Class size: 10-25

Tuition: $22.00 per month

Supplies Needed: No outside supplies are needed for this class


COURSE DETAILS:  Vocal Studio Junior will encourage children to learn to sing correctly, develop their ear and grow their vocal gifts and talents for the Lord. We will be learning the fun musical Donkey Talesby Kathie Hill and Melody Morris. Through this musical, students will share the stories of Balaam’s donkey, the Good Samaritan, and Jesus riding into Jerusalem. Children will learn about the obedience God requires, the love we can show neighbors and the humility that led Jesus to the cross. Students will also learn rhythmical movement, simple choreography and some basic drama skills for their performances. This is a three-in-one musical and will be performed in three separate segments divided through the year at Master’s Hand and students will perform at the Master’s Hand Talent Show in November. Prepare to have fun and make a joyful noise unto the Lord!


HOMEWORK: Listening to their cd and memorizing songs.


Writeshop II

Teacher: Naomi Stahnke

Ages: 13+

Prerequisite: Must have either completed WriteShop I or have teacher permission

Class Size: 4-10

Materials Fee: $60 (includes curriculum and copies of handouts)

Tuition: $27.00

Supplies Needed: For class use: Large binder, set of 12 colored pencils, loose-leaf notebook paper (no spiral-bound notebooks, please), pencils, 20 page protectors. For home use: Computer with word processing software, printer, thesaurus (recommended: The Synonym Finder by J.I. Rodale)


COURSE DETAILS: WriteShop II is a fun, incremental writing program perfect for students in 8th to 12th grades. The curriculum covers advanced descriptive narration, narrative voice, point of view, and essay writing, giving students vital skills they will need to succeed in college and beyond! Types of essays students will write include pursuasive, opinion, and expository, with a special unit for timed essays at the end of the year. Picking up where WriteShop I left off, students will start with one to two paragraph pieces, working their way up to five paragraph essays.  The class will emphasize strong word choice, correct grammar, and sentence variation.


The curriculum is a consumable workbook that includes lessons, worksheets for brainstorming and editing, and activities to reinforce concepts. Also included are word lists to help students choose strong words and expand their vocabulary.


NOTE: As WriteShop II builds on concepts learned in Writeshop I, it is highly recommended that students have already taken WriteShop I. However, if a student is willing to put in the extra work, it is possible to catch up and still do well in the class. Special permission from Naomi Stahnke is REQUIRED to take WriteShop II if a student hasn't taken WriteShop I.


HOMEWORK: One to two hours a week either writing or editing. Assignments must be completed for full credit. Parental help with editing may be helpful, especially for younger students.