Teacher:  Kitsy Whalen

Prerequisites:  None

Ages:  9-12

Class size:  4-12

Materials fee:  $30 - includes all copies and materials needed for hands-on activities and experiments

Tuition:  $30

Supplies Needed:  Pen/pencils, colored pencils, 3-ring binder to make a notebook of all concepts covered in the course, a t-shirt to protect clothes during some of our activities.  Occasionally students may be asked to bring trash/recyclable items from home.

Homework:  None


COURSE DETAILS This course is designed to explore scientific facts found in the Bible.  Students will not only broaden their scientific knowledge but also will gain an appreciation for the Creator of all things and for the validity and importance of God’s Word.  Each scientific fact will be backed by Scripture.  Some topics covered will be:  the earth’s orbit, the water cycle, ocean currents, ship building, seasons, blood clotting, rainbows, herbal medicine,  the atom, the mineral composition of the body, concepts of farming, the importance of seeds, stars, the earth’s core, sedimentary rock,  germs and hygiene, light, and the ocean floor.  These concepts will be explored through instruction, hands-on activities, and videos.  Activities will include:   building a spectroscope, making a water cycle in a bag, experimenting with "ship building", seed sprouting, making bricks and testing their strength, building an atom, and making a model of the ocean floor.