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Teacher: Jessica Bobbs

Prerequisites: None

Ages: 9 - 12

Class size: 8 - 15

Materials fee: $40 (one-time fee) includes all copies and supplies needed for in-class activities.

Tuition: $35 

Supplies Needed: writing utensils and a 4 pack of felt markers (different colors)


COURSE DETAILS: Our year will begin with learning the basics of electrical circuitry. Your students will learn about the different types of circuits, how to build them, which type of circuit you would use for what, etc. Using that knowledge, they will even get to play some homemade circuitry games! The second half of the year, your students will take that knowledge and apply it to building/making their own circuitry projects! We will create such projects as Bristle bots, Doodle bots, circuit bugs, squishy circuits, paper circuitry, and more! Great course for any budding electrician! 


HOMEWORK: Students may be required to bring in materials from home for a couple of the activities and may be tasked to work on worksheets if not finished during class.

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