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Foundations of Faith

Teacher: Christian Anderson
Prerequisites: None
Ages: 14+
Class size: 6-16
Materials Fees: $50 (one-time fee) includes textbook and consumable workbook.
Teacher will order the books.
Tuition: $40
Supplies Needed: none

COURSE DETAILS: We will embark on a journey delving into the very essence of
Christian belief. Our text was developed by Summit Ministries and has been updated
and meticulously crafted for today’s students. Covering the nature and authority of the
Bible, the profound narrative woven within its pages, and the core tenets of Christian
living, Foundations equips students with a profound understanding of the Bible’s
metanarrative and its implications for personal and communal life.


Upon completion of this transformative course, students will emerge equipped to
navigate life’s complexities through the lens of a biblical worldview, understanding how
the Bible shapes the true story of all things and guides us in our individual and collective


This lays the solid groundwork of Christian belief, empowering students to walk with
God both individually and in community. It’s the essential starting point for nurturing a
generation of young champions for the biblical worldview.


What can you expect from this class?


  • An easy-to-read textbook that captivates and informs

  • Engaging video and presentation components to enhance learning

  • Stimulating class discussions that spark curiosity and spiritual growth

  • Growing relationships with like-minded peers


Summit Ministries 4-year high school series includes Foundations, Apologetics,
Worldviews, and Culture. We plan to offer all four classes over the next 4 years,
beginning this year with Foundations.

HOMEWORK: 60-90 minutes per week


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