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God’s Amazing Animals

Teacher: Kitsy Whalen
Prerequisites: Ability to use scissors, ability to measure with a ruler
Ages: 7-9
Class size: 10 - 12
Materials fee: $25 (one-time fee)
Tuition: $30 per month
Supplies needed: All supplies will be provided.

COURSE DETAILS: Students will study thirty of God’s amazing animals through the
use of videos (primarily the “God’s Amazing Animal” videos produced by Little Light
Kids), discussion, worksheets, and hands-on activities. Examples of topics covered are
habitats, camouflage, life cycles, migration, animal diets, vertebrates vs. invertebrates,
and cold-blooded vs. warm-blooded. A sample of activities includes building an animal

habitat, making a simple bird feeder, making animal masks, construction of life cycle
models, and playing educational animal games like “3 words, 1 animal”.

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