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Honey for a Child’s Heart

Teacher: Tirzah Warwick
Prerequisites: None
Ages: 6 - 8
Class size: 6+
Materials fee: $0
Tuition: $30
Supplies Needed: None

COURSE DETAILS:  In a house, on a train, on a boat, in the rain … if you’re like me,
any opportunity to get in good literature is a blessing! A good book is a gateway into a
wider world of wonder, beauty, delight, and adventure. Join us in this gentle read-aloud
class of rich, soul-nourishing, faith-building, age-appropriate children's literature. This
class offers a quiet and calm break in a day of learning & activity. The books read will
enrich your child's imagination and spirit, giving them a large view of the world, of Truth,
and of goodness, while encouraging good use of language. Please e-mail the teacher
should you wish you see the list of books that will be read to your child.

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