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Teacher: Kelsey Rosenoff

Prerequisites: none

Ages: 6-8

Class size: 5-10

Materials fee: $25 (one-time fee) for printouts, manipulatives, games, & learning props 

Tuition: $30

Supplies Needed: Spanish folder to keep handouts and pencils with erasers  


COURSE DETAILS: Students will be introduced to basic Spanish conversation through age-appropriate, fun activities.  Students will learn basic greetings, numbers, colors, letters, body parts, animals, food, weather, and other fun vocabulary sets through singing, acting out stories, reading books, playing simple games, and partner communication.  Basic grammar structures will be embedded in our learning and practice. Class time will be focused on creating fun opportunities to use Spanish to communicate and depth of understanding will be valued over breadth.  


HOMEWORK: none, unless additional review of vocabulary is desired/enjoyed at home

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