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Life on the Frontier

Teacher: Kitsy Whalen
Prerequisites: Ability to use scissors, ability to measure with a ruler
Ages: 6-8
Class size: 10 - 12
Materials fee: $35 (one-time fee)
Tuition: $30 per month

Supplies needed: All materials and protective clothing will be provided.

COURSE DETAILS: Students will gain an appreciation for what daily life was like on the
frontier. Topics covered will include cabin building, candle making, butter making,
growing crops, taking care of animals on the farm, making and dying of clothing, digging
a well, fuel sources and cooking, berry picking, syrup making, education, games and
entertainment, and dangers on the prairie. A sample of activities includes dying cloth
from natural dyes, candle making, making butter, making a yarn doll, making a whirlgig
(a spinning button toy), growing a “crop”, and making a model log cabin.

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