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Math Club

Teacher: Jackie Gardner
Prerequisites: See list of skills in course details
Ages: 11-14
Class size: 6-20
Materials fee: TBD - Team Registration fee ($175) divided by the number of participants
+ $5 for photocopies and supplies
Tuition: $35 per month
Supplies needed: Paper and pencils

COURSE DETAILS: This is a class for students who enjoy math and are ready for a
challenge! Each week, we will be developing strategies and building problem solving
skills in order to tackle challenging math problems. However, these are not your normal
math problems! The problems are beyond straightforward computations as they push
students to use reason and logic and employ creative problem solving skills to find the
solution. Students will be challenged to think outside of the box and try new things
while working together as a whole class, in small groups and pairs, and also as
individuals. Students interested in Math Club need to come in with an understanding of:
operations with decimals, fractions, and multi-digit numbers; squares and square roots;
order of operations; basic area formulas; and terms like average, prime, composite,
factor, and multiple.

The students in this class will be a team to compete in monthly competitions through an
international organization called MOEMS - Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and
Middle Schools. (The team registration fee is included in the materials fee.) The
problems featured in competitions are geared towards middle school students and are
designed to be solved without the use of Algebra. Competitions are once a month from
November to March and are administered by the teacher during the normal Monday
morning class period. That means students will get the benefit of competing in a
respected organization without having to travel or give up extra time outside of class.

Feel free to browse their website to learn more about the organization: Click on the “Problem of the Week” tab to get a sampling of the
types of problems students will encounter!

This is an exciting opportunity for students who enjoy math! Feel free to contact me
with questions about Math Club!


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