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Primary Spanish

Teacher: Kelsey Rosenoff
Prerequisites: none
Ages: 6-8
Class size: 5-10
Materials fee: $25 for printouts, manipulatives, games, and learning props
Tuition: $30

Supplies Needed: Spanish folder to keep handouts and pencils with erasers

COURSE DETAILS: This course is for students without previous Spanish instruction
and also students that took the course in the 2023-24 school year. All the important
basics will be reviewed (greetings, calendar, alphabet, numbers) and also the course
will focus on new and different vocabulary sets than in the previous school year. Class

time will be maximized for applying new words in listening and speaking together in
Spanish and the teacher desires that students have fun while learning. Basic grammar
structures are embedded in the songs, games, activities, and puppet conversations
utilized for classroom practice. If your son or daughter enjoyed Spanish last year, don’t
be afraid to take this class again and keep learning new Spanish!
HOMEWORK: occasional OPTIONAL homework practice sheets

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