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Teacher: Kelsey Rosenoff

Prerequisites: none

Ages: 9-11 

Class size: 6-12

Materials fee: $25 (one-time fee) for copies, materials, manipulatives, & learning props  

Tuition: $30

Supplies Needed: Spanish folder to keep handouts and pencils with erasers


COURSE DETAILS: This course will introduce topics of basic conversation in Spanish and assumes the students have little to no prior knowledge of Spanish vocabulary or grammar.  Beginning topics include: greetings, calendar and weather, Spanish alphabet, numbers, colors, food, animals, telling time, etc.  This course will include basic grammar instruction such as masculine and feminine nouns and articles, adjective agreement, and basic verb conjugation. An emphasis will be placed on applying the language in spoken communication through conversation, games, songs, and short stories.  Understandable communication will be celebrated over perfection of grammar and the instructor desires to create a safe learning environment where students can be courageous enough to risk communicating in an unfamiliar and thus uncomfortable new language. 


HOMEWORK: none, although review of vocabulary at home during the week would be beneficial  

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