Teacher: Naomi Stahnke

Prerequisites: None

Ages: 13+

Class Size: 4-12

Materials Fee: $55 (includes consumable workbook and copies of handouts)

Tuition: $35.00

Supplies Needed: For class use: Large three-ring binder, set of 12 colored pencils, loose-leaf notebook paper (no spiral-bound notebooks, please), pencils, 20 page protectors.

For home use: Access to computer with word processing software, printer, thesaurus (I recommend The Synonym Finder by J.I. Rodale, but an online/digital thesaurus will work as well!)

Homework: One to two hours a week either writing or editing. Assignments must be completed for full credit. Parental help with editing may be helpful, especially for younger students.


COURSE DETAILS: WriteShop 1 is a fun, incremental writing program perfect for students in 8th to 10th grades or older students with little or no writing experience. The curriculum covers descriptive, informative, and narrative writing while simplifying the writing process, building confidence in even the most reluctant writer! Students will write one to two paragraphs for each assignment, focusing on strong word choice, correct grammar, and sentence variation.

The curriculum is a consumable workbook that includes lessons, worksheets for brainstorming and editing, and activities to reinforce concepts. Also included are word lists to help students choose strong words and expand their vocabulary.