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Short Story Writing (advanced)

Teacher: Naomi Stahnke
Ages: 14+
Class size: 4-12
Materials fee: $10 (includes copies of handouts, reading assignments, and access to
Tuition: $40
Supplies Needed: Loose-leaf notebook paper (no spiral-bound, please), 3x5 index
cards, pencils, highlighters, access to a printer and computer with word-processing

COURSE DETAILS: Get ready for a fast-paced, exciting introduction to the world of
fiction writing! Students will take a tour through many of the different fiction genres by
reading examples of great writing in each category and then writing their own story in
that genre. Topics covered will include historical fiction, science fiction, fairy tales,
fantasy, tall tales, and adventure stories. We will also cover the basics of the writing
process, plot structure, creating life-like characters, and working through writer’s block.
Students will be encouraged to create meaningful stories that encourage and model
important life-lessons. The curriculum will be compiled from various independent unit
studies on each genre.

HOMEWORK: 2-3 hours a week either brainstorming, writing, or editing. While we will
spend multiple weeks on each unit/story, each story is required to be between three and
ten double-spaced typed pages, so keep in mind there is a LOT of writing involved in
this class :)


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