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SpaceBots Legos

Teacher: Linette Ballew, Coach B
Prerequisites: None

Ages: 9-12
Class Size: 4-10
Materials fee: $30 each semester for tablets, computers, cables, robots, specialized
LEGO Robotics Mindstorm pieces, power strips, batteries, storage units, officially
licensed LEGO education mats, missions and materials, copying for in class instruction.
Tuition: $60 (please note that each class is a 2-hour class)
Supplies Needed: Pocket folder, Notebook and Pencils
COURSE DETAILS: This is an introductory class to the design, build and launch of the
LEGO Mindstorm Robotics curriculum. Students will learn technology terms, use unique
parts to create a working robot, program the robot for very specific space-themed
missions and learn teamwork skills to accomplish detailed goals. Students will also do
research on real world problems relating to the space missions their robot will be
accomplishing. Students will be expected to bring current space news to the class each
week. Other skills acquired: public speaking, logical and creative thinking processes
and scientific experiment processing. This is a pass/incomplete grading system class.

HOMEWORK: 30mins - 1 hour weekly

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