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Art: Pieces and Parts

Teacher: Kathy Anderson
Prerequisites: None
Ages: 8+
Class size: 6-16
Materials Fees: $35 (one-time fee) includes a set of acrylic paint markers for each
student to keep.
Tuition: $30
Supplies Needed: none.

Homework: None. High school students desiring credit can earn .5 credits if they
spend 28 hours of drawing or painting at home. Combined with the 32 hours of class, it
would meet the requirement of 60 clock hours for .5 credits.

COURSE DETAILS: Join us for an exciting year of creating beautiful artwork! Our
focus will be on the elements and principles of design; the pieces and parts that work
together to create an engaging piece of art. We will also look at the names of God and
their meanings. His names are the pieces and parts that reveal His full character and
give us a deeper understanding of His glory!

Most projects are demonstrated with a live camera or video to enable students to follow
step by step if they choose. Alternate versions of each project are offered for students
who choose to work independently. Materials will include acrylic paint markers,
embossing metal, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, white charcoal, canvas board, gel
pens, watercolor crystals, burnishing pencils, and graphite pencils. Projects will include:

unnamed (3).png
unnamed (2).png
image (1).png
unnamed (1).png
image (6).png
image (2).png
image (7).png
unnamed (4).png
unnamed (5).png
unnamed (6).png
unnamed (7).png
unnamed (8).png
unnamed (9).png
image (8).png
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