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Teacher: Jessica Bobbs
Prerequisites: None (computer knowledge helpful)
Ages: 13+
Class size: 8 – 12
Materials fee: $20.00 (one-time fee: helps cover copies of class handouts)
Tuition: $40
Supplies Needed: Pens/pencils, 1/2 – 1” 3-ring binder, access to internet at home, flash
drive, laptop would be best, but tablet could work if needed to

COURSE DETAILS: In this class, students will work together to create the ultimate
project – the Master’s Hand Yearbook! Yes, even homeschooled students can, and
deserve to, have a yearbook commemorating all the fun things they did and learned
throughout our year together! Students will learn basic digital photography skills, good
composition, basic computer graphic design skills, and more! Their culminating project
will be for sale at the end of our year, students must be self-motivated and dedicated to
the completion of this project!

Homework: They may have need to work on the yearbook at home, if behind in
completing page layouts in class.

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