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The World for Jesus

Teacher: Kayla Bouren
Prerequisites: None
Ages: 14 and up
Class size: 5-15
Materials Fee: $15 (one-time fee) This covers handouts and supplies for group
Tuition: $40
Supplies Needed: Textbooks and Workbook (History of the World set by Generations-
includes “Preparing the World For Jesus”, “Taking the World For Jesus”, and the student
workbook). A new copy of this set costs $114. Siblings may share textbooks. The
consumable workbook may be shared as well if one student writes answers in a
notebook. Generations usually has summer/back to school sales, so check the website.
They also should have curriculum on sale at the Rocky Mountain Homeschool

COURSE DETAILS: This course places the Lord Jesus Christ squarely at the center of
human history from creation to the present. Throughout our studies we will learn the
condition of the nations before Jesus came and follow the missionary work that
confronted formidable strongholds and brought about the transformation of nations. We
learn the story of the great empires to the primitive tribes, but we do not end there.

“Preparing The World For Jesus” begins with Creation and weaves the revelation of the
Old Testament into the archaeology, and the secular histories and chronicles of the
great empires that rose and fell throughout the ancient world. We will compare the
timelines of biblical events to what was taking place simultaneously around the world to
get a better grasp at how it all connects.

“Taking The World For Jesus” begins with the most important historical event of all time,
the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and continues to the present. From Judea to Rome,
Ireland, China, Uganda, New Zealand, and to the uttermost parts of the world, the light
of Christ shines into the darkness, transforming every nation through the centuries.


Class time will include discussion, creation of a group history timeline, map work, and
prayer for specific countries/peoples we read about.

HOMEWORK: 2-3 hours per week, which includes about 20-40 pages of reading. There
will be 2 optional 500 word essays to complete (1 each semester) which earn the
additional 1/2 credit.

SUGGESTED HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT: 1/2 High School Credit, or 1 High School Credit
if completing the 2 optional essays.

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