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Teacher Directory


Board Members

A director-appointed advisory board oversees the entire program and gives feedback to specific needs as they arise. Prayer and wise counsel precede the decisions made at Master's Hand. Our board members this year are:

  • Aaron and Shelly Vogel                

  • Julie Butler

  • ​​Christian and Kathy Anderson

Teacher Biographies
Kathy and Christian Anderson

Christian and Kathy have been married for 30 years.  After Christian’s repeated encouragement, she began the homeschool journey when her boys were in preschool.  She counts it a huge blessing to have homeschooled her two sons through high school. She has a double BA in education and holds a current Colorado teaching certificate. Her 34 years of teaching includes public school (K-2), private school (K-6), private tutoring (K-8), and 20 years with Master’s Hand (K-12). She has also completed 2 years of classes in the ‘One Stroke’ method of acrylic painting and has received instruction at the Schissler Academy of Fine Arts. In her spare time she likes to dabble with unique art materials and often incorporates them into student projects.  She has enjoyed painting and drawing for over 29 years and has been an art instructor for hundreds of students. She believes our talents and abilities are best used when bringing glory to God. Students will be encouraged to create works of art to bless others and illustrate truth.  


Christian and Kathy pursue a deeper understanding of Scripture and a stronger walk with the Lord on a daily basis.  Christian taught Physic for Fun at Master’s Hand many years ago and has been a men’s group leader for 8 years. Christian is an experienced residential and investment real estate agent.  They are excited that his job flexibility allows them to partner in this adventure! They are excited to teach together this year and utilize the Heroic Life curriculum to encourage students to press into God and love His Word. 

Julie Butler

Julie is thrilled to be returning for her 13th year as the theatre instructor at Master’s Hand in Longmont and 11th year in Loveland! She is also excited to again be teaching Vocal Studio and the new Vocal Studio Junior at both campuses. She is a homeschooling mom, and an actor/singer. Julie has onstage/on camera experience both locally and across the U.S. in performance, musical theatre and as a vocalist. She and her daughter also own Relevant Productions, LLC (A production company dedicated to producing/performing Christ-centered plays). Julie has performed for audiences of all sizes, from intimate dinner theatre to arenas packed with thousands, though her favorite is to use her talents to Glorify God and make Him known. Julie continues to study voice and acting and performs on a regular basis. She finds great fulfillment in showing young people how they can use and develop their talents to honor God and share His message through performing arts. 


Tatum Cito

Tatum’s passion lies in sparking inspiration in the lives of students. Her history of creating art spans for more than 14 years. In 2015, upon graduating from I.A.T.H. Academy Homeschool, Tatum opened her own professional graphite portraits business, Graphite Glimpses. Around that same time, she started serving her church in the areas of youth group and Children’s Ministries. Presently, she holds the position of Assistant Children’s Ministry Director. She also leads a Bright Lights Bible study group that disciples girls between the ages of 10 and 13, encouraging them in their walk with Jesus Christ. In 2016, Tatum graduated from Ellerslie Mission Society and looks forward to seeing what Jesus will be doing in her life now as the Advanced Art teacher for Master’s Hand. After interning and teaching under Mrs. Anderson’s wise counsel for a school year, Tatum’s eyes have been opened to the realities of serving students who wish to advance their art abilities. She wishes to use her God-given talents to build up her student’s abilities in true craftsmanship, humble leadership and, above all, reverence for our blessed Creator.

Carrie Matthews

Carrie Matthews attended the University of Florida’s School of Communications with a major in advertising and a minor in journalism. After finishing school, and long before YouTube and PowerPoint ever existed, her career began in the slide and video production field in San Jose, California. In 2003, Carrie and her husband Don moved to Longmont with their two young boys. Joshua, their oldest son, homeschooled all the way through high school graduation and Zachary homeschooled through 7th grade before entering a public middle and school. Josh attended culinary school and is now working diligently in Breckenridge.Zachattends UNC and is pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice with plans to go on to law school.

While schooling her children, Carrie was also a teacher for 13 years at The Master’s Hand. After leaving The Master’s Hand in 2017, she worked at two K-8 public schools in their after-school enrichment and summer camp programs. In 2018 she established her own homeschool teaching business, The Roaming Schoolhouse,and after much prayer and confirmation, she is delightfully returning to The Master’s Hand. Mrs. Matthews firmly believes God has called her to teach and considers it “pure joy” to spend each day she can with her students. 

Elizabeth Ridgway

My educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and special education, and a Master’s degree in special education and diagnostic testing. I have worked in the public school teaching high school special education, all levels as an educational diagnostician and a student teacher supervisor at the university level. I also count it a great blessing to have had the opportunity to homeschool my son through high school. Most recently, I tutored all levels at Homespun Academy, elementary age at Classical Conversations and an Algebra II class. I believe in the Sovereign Lord and work daily at apply His Word to my life.  I am excited to be working with homeschoolers and supporting the homeschool community. I truly believe it is a gift from the Lord to be able to use my love of teaching to help instill the joy of learning in children. Many of you know me as the “testing lady”, and I will continue to provide that service to support your testing needs.

Kristi Schroeder

Kristi and Kelly have been married 18 years and have 3 girls. She has her Bachelor of Science in nursing and worked as a nurse for 6 years until her first daughter was born. Her husband, Kelly, was homeschooled so they knew it would be part of their children’s education.  Kristi was the “in classroom mentor”, they couldn’t be called teachers since they weren’t certified teachers, of an online school for 3 years.  She was over the elementary class, taught biology to middle school, and grammar to the high schoolers.  When their second daughter was born, Kristi stepped down to just teaching history to her daughter’s class.  Upon adopting their third daughter, Kristi started homeschooling.  She has homeschooled for 5 years and is looking forward to stepping back into the classroom to teach science once again. As a science major who passionately loves Jesus, Kristi has no greater joy in teaching than to explain a piece of God’s creation.  There is so much to learn in being in God’s world and Word.  “The heaven’s declare His righteousness, And all the people have seen His glory.” Psalms 97:6  

Naomi Stahnke

Naomi’s passion is to teach other young writers to use the power of words and communication to reveal the character of God. She has been telling stories her entire life and pursuing the craft of writing for the past five years. Naomi has published two full-length children’s novels as well as an article in Devozine magazine. She is currently working on her third novel. 

Naomi was homeschooled all the way through high school and is currently working on an associate’s degree in creative writing with Christian Leadership University online. In addition to teaching week-long dance camps and directing church plays, Naomi has loved honing her teaching skills in Sunday school (K-2nd), and tutoring math and writing for the past year and a half. She has been interning with Mrs. Kellam and observing/assisting in Longmont WriteShop classes and is super excited to get to share the joy of writing with others!

Pam Stayer

Pam loves the Lord and wants learning to be fun for students. She has bachelor’s degrees in education as well as business and holds a current Colorado teaching certificate. She has been educating students for many years and her experiences include public schools, Christian schools, and home school. She has helped develop curriculum, programs, and activities for various schools. Pam loves working with homeschooled children. 


Aaron Vogel

Aaron is a father of seven wonderful homeschooled children and his ministry, teaching, and training is made possible only by his wife Shelly by his side. He has a bachelor of science in biology and education with majors in biology, physical education, and health, and a minor in theology. He has also completed a degree in sports medicine. He continues to study the endless frontier of God’s Word and his creation. This will be Aaron’s 20th year of teaching and coaching and his 12th year at Master’s Hand.

Aaron coaches many sports and specializes in core strength and athletic development. He also is a physical trainer and consultant. “In the CORE” is a specialized athletic development program that takes a sports player and helps them become a great athlete.

Eben Vogel

Eben is a recent graduate of Master’s Hand, and the son of Aaron Vogel.  He has been helping co-teach the past few years in P.E., and is excited to continue passing on the valuable lessons learned from sport.  He is currently earning his bachelors degree in Business General Management from Thomas Edison State University online, while also pursuing his love of music through teaching piano, producing, leading worship, and playing for events.  Eben has a heart to help others walk with Jesus by knowing Him in their daily lives, and also loves communicating God’s heart for worship and outreach through sports.  Eben has a passion for teaching Physical Education because he played multiple, high level sports growing up, and currently is enjoying playing semi-pro soccer in Colorado.  He is excited to teach and invest in kids and young adults!